PyTFall V. 0.72 by Xela – Simulator

PyTFall V. 0.72 by Xela - SimulatorPyTFall V. 0.72 by Xela - SimulatorPyTFall V. 0.72 by Xela - SimulatorPyTFall V. 0.72 by Xela - Simulator

Game Studio: Xela
Tags: xela, 2dcg, fantasy, dating sim, management, simulator, oral, vaginal porn, rpg
Censor: No
Language: English
Version: 0.72
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
PyTFall is an open source, turn-based Sim game with a Hentai twist Released to serve as a next-generation of WM and SimBro focusing on gathering a team of workers, managing businesses, leveling up the MC and other characters, Developed-Sim Elements, RPG Style Combat and Exploration, Interactions and etc.
– All reported CTDs fixed
– Distance to 2nd North Passage Area fixed
– SE Loot not being logged/awarded fixed
– Arena CF Items now have an additional price delimiter
– Temple healing animation updated
– EA workers now get (more) spells
– Improvements to BE logic
– 20 000 Gold will be awarded when a save file is loaded (just the one time)
– Critical Strikes in BE updated
– SE Teams screen not updated a team is sent exploring fixed
– Managers gain stats now (exp is ok, stats/skills will be updated in the next patch)
– Actions being set to gibberish when team is coming back to the guild is fixed.
– Combat classes rebalanced
– Mobs luck updated
– Information when unlocking a new SE area is delayed until the team returns back home
– Exploit to get double rewards when working the SM is fixed
– Crashes/False updates to chars list when hiring from Friends screen is fixed
– Jail crash when listing prisoners and prisoner not being set correctly is fixed
– Next Day reports crash when dealing with a team of one char is fixed
– Advancing in Arena ladders is now only possible when beating a stronger team
– Error when items were shown twice in SE is fixed