ERO-MANIA WORLD GAMES !- Collection [2020] – Furry

ERO-MANIA WORLD GAMES !- Collection [2020] - FurryERO-MANIA WORLD GAMES !- Collection [2020] - FurryERO-MANIA WORLD GAMES !- Collection [2020] - FurryERO-MANIA WORLD GAMES !- Collection [2020] - Furry

Genre: 2DCG, BDSM,2D game, RPG, Anal,Animated, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Furry, Monster, Monster girl, Slave, Lesbian, Gay, Prostitution, Combat, Turn based combat, Oral smut, Vaginal XXX, Anal porn, Titfuck, Handjob, Management, XXX toys, Transformation, Futa, Male domination, Female domination
Censorship: None
Publisher/Publisher: Ero-Mania,Vanjas-World,Wildside Comix
Version: Full
OS: Windows
Language: Eng

About This Game:
Collection on 59 games from Ero Mania Worlds/ Vanjas-world /Wildside Comix
“Ero-Mania World” is an online game series, which features several characters from my games and comics. These games are meant to have small but frequent updates, and will be updated with new content on a regular basis. Also, Loyal Members can request animated scenes for these games!

Game List:
Annie Beach
Annie Xmas
Bekki’s Tentacle Fun 1
Bekki’s Tentacle Fun 2
Bibbi’s Cruse
Bibbi’s Spells
Bunny Girls
Easter Bunny’s Egg Escape
Escape From Fairy Forest
Futa Spell
Futa Spell 2
Futa Spell 3
Futa Spell 4
Ghost Hunters
Kitty’s Fun Night
Lost Heart Level 1
Lost Heart Level 2
Lost Heart Level 3
Lost Heart Level 4
Lost Heart Level 5
Lost Heart Level 6
Lost Heart Level 7
Lost Heart Level 8
Mouse Lady
Mrs Claus and Reina’s Delivery
Quest For Sexual Experience
Queen Dragon
Rise of Velshara
Rise of the Lord of Tentacles
Running Panda
Running Panda 2
Running Racoon
Russian Girl
Space Explorer Bekki
Sperm Demoness 1
Sperm Demoness 2
Sperm Demoness 3
Sperm Demoness 4
Sperm Demoness 5
Sperm Demoness 6
Sperm Demoness 7
Surfer Girl
Trick or Treat
Valentine Girlfriend
Vanja’s World Bondage World
Vanja’s World Dildo World
Vanja’s World Mermaid World
Vanja’s World Snow Fairy World
Vanja’s World Snow World
Vanja’s World Spider World
Vanja’s World Tropical World
Vanja’s World Witchcraft World
Witchcraft 2
Witch’s Night
Xmas Girl
Xmas Present