A Small Business Portable Ver. 0.0.2 by Grabiobot –

A Small Business Portable Ver. 0.0.2 by Grabiobot - A Small Business Portable Ver. 0.0.2 by Grabiobot - A Small Business Portable Ver. 0.0.2 by Grabiobot - A Small Business Portable Ver. 0.0.2 by Grabiobot -


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You play as a young man who is managing a very small business from home, trying to make enough money to move his business to a new level.

As you were too focused on developing your business you overlooked your relationship with your girlfriend, Laura. It is just now that you realized it and you need to take urgent measures to restore it. She is still living with you, but she is so close to leave.
FIXED Bug which prevented some players using non-English regional settings (Release and number format) from playing the game.
Added difficulty levels.
The easier the level, the quicker relationship improves.
No titjobs on Easy mode. Achievement also disabled.
No titjobs nor Anal on Very Easy. Achievements also disabled.
In Easy mode Main Character (MC) learns 50% faster (~ x1.5). Also customer service and marketing are 50% more efficient (~x1.5).
In Very Easy mode MC learns 100% faster (~ x2). Also customer service and marketing are 100% more efficient (~x2).
Different starting stats depending on difficulty. Also, at lower difficulties, rewards are greater.
Toolbar icons:
Energy now displays maximum energy points for your current physical conditions. Also, it informs when you reached maximum physical condition.
Mood now displays maximum mood points.
All business-management icons now inform player if the maximum level was reached.
Girlfriend’s location is displayed (unless is in the same room as MC). It is also shown if she will talk to MC or she will ask him to shower first.
Default sounds and music volumes are lower (game still doesn’t have music).
Chimney sound is not so loud anymore.
If many stats increase at the same time, chimney sound does not amplify. Player will hear distinct sound for instance for each notification.
Business management
Prices are now rounded to 2 decimal places.
FIXED Bug regarding the supplier’s name incorrectly displayed when the offer is shown.
Supplier’s offer now states that he/she is making you one offer only (per turn).
Supplier’s offer now contains a picture of the product being offered.
Doing a Work activity returns you to Work screen instead of room’s screen.
Doing a Study activity returns you to Study screen instead of room’s screen.
Customers status report now has a summary section, so you don’t have to scroll to read the highlights.
While setting the product prices, you can see the current market price and the expected sales.
While setting the product prices, you can see the product image.
While setting the product prices, you can click the product image to zoom.
Updated product images to higher resolution to look ok when zoomed.
While setting product prices, products list remembers its scrolling position, until closed.
In the morning, you get a notification if a product gets out of stock.
Not taking trash out count less after MC unlocks bedroom touches. It accounts for less and less until the cost becomes 0 (when kitchen adult is unlocked).
“Talk” is now “Talk about us” in order to make the “Talk” button available for dialogs (dialogs aren’t yet implemented).
Clouds (in animations transitions) are now skipable with a click.
“Sleep until next morning” cinematic is skipable with a click.
MC can now masturbate in the bathroom, gaining +2 mood.
If Laura is home, MC has a chance of being caught masturbating and lose a large amount of relationship points.
Still, if not caught, he gains +3 energy from adrenaline rush.
MC can masturbate only once a day (only successful attempts count).
Laura will always catch him if she walks in (to shower or to brush her teeth)
in the morning MC can admire Laura in the kitchen (breast area).
in the evening MC can admire Laura in the kitchen (crotch area).
Added two new admire option in the living-room. One of these is animated.
Limited market fluctuations to x3 – /3.
Updated note on running the business and added a TL;DR section.
Updated note on living with Laura and added a TL;DR section.
Added a new note on skills and stats, including a TL;DR section.
FIXED Bug with 1 energy point lost in the morning if energy was already at maximum level.
Changed maximum limit for Old Profession, Contract Negotiation, Marketing and Customer Service to 25.
Day dreaming in living. Improves MC’s fantasy. In the next version it will be needed to unlock some actions and to read some books.
MC’s avatar matches MC clothing (naked) 🙂
relationship with Laura limited to 99,999 points.
game settings (sounds/music volume/mute and fullscreen mode) are now saved.
larger starting inventory on easy.
yoga Game Studio can be visited now.
guests room and furnishing quest.
Player can paint the wall of Guests Room. It takes some effort. He must do it several times.
Once the walls are painted, MC can buy a carpet and then furniture.
After buying furniture, the room is ready, but Laura’s friend is not implemented yet.
rephrased some “Talk about us” dialogs.
Added Talk option. Available after work.
Added Small Talk suboption to talk. And a few topics, including Yoga.
Added Joleen story, available in Small Talk.
Small talk can unlock the topic of Guests Room.
Small talk can unlock visit to Yoga Developer / Publisher.
While small talking, she may tell you about her interactions with Joleen (Joleen story).
Talk About option added as suboption for Talk. There you can pick topics to talk about.
Once talked about Guests Room, the player gets a key and the room becomes available. Still, it needs furnishing.
Added a startup introduction inviting all players to contribute and pick the next graphics for Laura.
screenshots are now named correctly.
fixed bug where level III achievements are granted when only level II is justified.
smell check before dance and watch tv together.
love scenes closes automatically when an action completes and there is no next level action unlocked.