Shotaku Quest ~ My Okichin is being targeted! ~ – Monster Girl

Shotaku Quest ~ My Okichin is being targeted! ~ - Monster GirlShotaku Quest ~ My Okichin is being targeted! ~ - Monster GirlShotaku Quest ~ My Okichin is being targeted! ~ - Monster GirlShotaku Quest ~ My Okichin is being targeted! ~ - Monster Girl

Date Year: 2019
Released: 2019/02/09

Censor: Yes
Game Developer: Hurricane Dot Com (ハ リ ケ ー ン ド ッ ト コ ム)

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Game language (plot): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Voice Language: Japanese

Minimum system requirements:
:: CPU – 2.0 GHz :: RAM – 1+ GB :: HDD – 1GB :: RPG Tkool VX RTP ::

Description: *Translated from Japan by Google*

▼ H scene of the largest volume of hurricane history
More than 30 types of H dots! (I animate!)
Illustration More than 20 kinds! (Animation!)
Over 20 types of cut-in!

I will send it with a large volume.
Moreover, both dots and illustrations are animated!

▼ Battle Fuck
Battle becomes a battle fuck to animate.
I realized this by using a programmer to realize this battle.

The enemy attacks the main character.
The attacked hero will be reverse raped.

▼ Character (It is an introduction of only major characters)

· Cyan
The young prince of Lorecian Castle.
He is bloody personality, but he is a very shy personality.
I often get sexual harassment from girls in appearance.
Following the news that Moon Mun Castle has been destroyed, it is ordered to kill the Devil.

· Summer
Princess Samar Durian.
I like Shota with bullish character. A young guy who trains his brother and plays.
I care very much about small tits. Together with cyan comes out to the evil spirit

· Moon
Princess of Moon Mun Castle.
I speak in tone, polite personality.
But, with big tits bitch, the darkness is actually deep.
I like Shota, but I am also interested in Lesbian.
Moon and Cyan go on a journey to kill the Devil.

· Nyago
A lady demon who dominates the world.
Nikkatsu is going to dominate the world day and night, I have committed *shita*.

· Remina
A female pirate who dominates the sea.
The first-person name is male like to use “me” with masculine character.
It violently shoots Shota.

· Rion
A witch mage with high magical power.
Originally Nyago’s aide.
However, because Nyago did not give away Shota she got caught, she betrayed herself and betrayed her master.
I love Shota so much and I am frustrated.

· Yarima
Female bandit.
She is bullish but not interested in men.
Actually lesbian.
I do not dislike Shota, but I will not do it.

The goddess living in the tower.
Provide five balls to resurrect.
You can receive precious items.
However, libido is not hampered, it may be that it will not be sharp for Shota…

※ In addition to this, various characters such as maid and stone woman, monster girl, lady, member of Shotakko Club come out.

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