Hebereke Susume Red Army Girls Brigade 5 –

Hebereke Susume Red Army Girls Brigade 5 - Hebereke Susume Red Army Girls Brigade 5 -


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Russo-German SRPG meets bishoujo/hentai!
Command a vodka-loving leader and her troops to victory against the Deutsch.
Real locations and military gear, unit production, strategy……
Stat boosting and story developing with H scenes and skill trees……
Hebereke! is a wet dream of SLG, RPG and J-adult.

Adult scenes are fully voiced. The cornerstones of ero gaming are all here:
hardcore, S&M, bondage, and other hardcore.

From the Mosina rifles to the T-34 tanks, from Moscow to Kursk,
enjoy over 70 real world weapons and vehicles and 20 skirmishes based
on actual history.

* Is it a game or a history lesson?
The girls are separated into teachers and students who give lectures and go to school.
You’ll learn as they do about Russia’s military culture from the Eastern Front of WWII,
but if you hate such education things that’s fine. Learning is a bonus for those
who are into it, but not a requirement to advance the game.

On top of the fun battles and porn themes there’s a lot of comedy, too.
Enjoy the story of the silly, go-gettum Hebereke girls.
You can also filter out the hardcore imagery and play it as a standard bishoujo SRPG.
Suitable for adults and general audiences!

* 1800 hours worth of engrossing SLG content
* 25 CG base images (not incl. variations)
* H scenes fully voiced
* Battle voices included
* Battle themed BGM
* Original title song
* Scene and CG view modes
* Bishoujo (all ages) or hentai (adults only) mode
* Difficulty options
* Windowed or full screen mode
* Message skip, backlog features
* Voice, BGM, SFX volume controls