sinnersquill Servus Kingdom new patch 3 – Prostitution

sinnersquill Servus Kingdom new patch 3 - Prostitutionsinnersquill Servus Kingdom new patch 3 - Prostitutionsinnersquill Servus Kingdom new patch 3 - Prostitutionsinnersquill Servus Kingdom new patch 3 - Prostitution

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Anyway, here was the original post.
So, here is Servus Kingdom MV. Now, as I mentioned in an earlier post there are a few things missing and few mechanics which are a bit basic. That’s fine. They’re working and I will be able to build upon them going forward.

Now, this is the stuff that is missing from the previous version. 1. no side Quests for Mira, Tanya or Oscar. I just didn’t have the time. They’ll be added back in MV0.1 along with new artwork for Nami.

The first major mission in the game is missing – I spoke briefly about why that was in the video I made. Some ending, including Nami’s Good Ending, cannot be acquired yet. Some shops and locations have been locked off – like the Lonely Hearts Agency.
Now, what’s new? Well, brand new maps for the first thing. Weapons and enemies have been completely overhauled. You can now gain drops from enemies which you can sell at the Pawn Shop.

There are new upgrade paths.

You can now buy spells.

New Weapons – Hammer, Hand Axe, Claws, and Zweithander, with new move sets.

The city and all the shops have been completely redesigned.
There is now a soft cap on skills, meaning you’ll see diminishing returns on stat growths. This makes getting the Platinum and Gold grades that little be more of a challenge.

Brand new World Map.

Adventurer’s Guild.

Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night times of cycles.

A ‘nap’ command when you click on the bed
Slave Hunger and Addiction. These will be greatly expanded upon in the future. Speaking of which. You’ll notice status icons next to Nami. This is meant to reflect hunger, emotions and other things. I’ll have to create some custom sprites for that in the future, but they’re are in the game and you’ll be able to see them working.

Those are major, obvious updates, but there are other little tweaks here and there, you’ll notice. The greatest changes are actually inside the database and events.
I remember I spent about two days figuring out how to create a loader within the game that would sway sprites. Now, amazingly enough, I’ve been successful in this, meaning I could have an unlimited amount of slaves in the game. But I won’t sit here and gush about the technical stuff.
All you need to know is that development will be easier going forward and that the game should be running much smoother.
Now, there will be some typos – blame that on the Dyslexia. I’ll keep squashing them as I continue to work on the game. Now, I’ve playtested the fuck outta of this game, but I am immensely retarded, so I’m sure there will something which slips by.
I’m counting on you guys to help me out.

Right, with that done, please enjoy thank you again and don’t forget to vote in the poll on who you want the next slave to be – Tifa or Lara.

Until then, all the best,