anaximanes Slugs and Bugs V. 3.0.1 – Lesbian

anaximanes Slugs and Bugs V. 3.0.1 - Lesbiananaximanes Slugs and Bugs V. 3.0.1 - Lesbiananaximanes Slugs and Bugs V. 3.0.1 - Lesbian

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Language: Eng
Version: 3.0.1
Censored: No

There are over 25 endings!
It took me over 2000 hours to make this!
The entire story is over 150,000 words long!
There are more than 850 uniquely manipulated images!
I still don’t know what the hell I am doing!

It does have sound, and since I am no programmer, I have no idea how to make an on/off for that, so turn your volume down on your computer, though a huge part of the ambiance are the sounds! To install, make sure you unzip it wherever you want on your computer!

And, it seems to randomly work in different internet browsers, so try right clicking it and saying “Open with” and choose, IE or Firefox, or something else. Make sure you keep all the files together just as they are unzipped! Also remember you can hold the button and use your mouse wheel to make the fonts larger or smaller!

I suggest playing in a dark room, at night, for best effect. The intro is mostly just to introduce characters, and is more pleasant, than what is to follow. If you find any bugs or typos, forgive me, I am not a programmer, and this is all off the cuff, but I am a very structured man, and I believe I have got everything without any type of beta testing.

I have had a crush on Justine Joli for years, I first did a manip of her some 12 years ago. I absolutely loved it. Her flesh is so pale, and she is lithe. I don’t know what it is about her, but I find her very attractive, and something just screams to me that she’d be a good slave, kinky and kind hearted. Therefore, I will be using her as the protagonist in my story. (And Justine, if you ever play this and find it hot, please let me know, because that would be awesome if you are into mind control fetish stuff too).