Lustful Desires V. 0.9.1 by Hyao – Male domination

Lustful Desires V. 0.9.1 by Hyao - Male dominationLustful Desires V. 0.9.1 by Hyao - Male dominationLustful Desires V. 0.9.1 by Hyao - Male dominationLustful Desires V. 0.9.1 by Hyao - Male dominationLustful Desires V. 0.9.1 by Hyao - Male domination

Studio: Hyao
Tags: hyao, renpy, turn-based combat, urination, oral XXX, bestality, handjob, gay, male protagonist, female protagonist, character creation, male domination, masturbation, rpg
Censorship: No
Language: English
Version: 0.9.1
OS: Win/Linux/Mac
Size: In Download.
It’s an XXX text-based game with rpg mechanics, inspired by titles like “Flexible Survival” or “Trials in Tainted Space”.
Version 0.9.1
Scene with femboy fixed
Blacksmith name is no longer replaced by Hayden name. Also it shows up correctly in the mine.
Crash happening because of the bruises during the fight with Tank no longer occur.
After finishing the fight with Scar the battle is no longer repeatable. Now Jester really visit you back at your home.
“Invisible enemies” shouldn’t be appearing anymore.
The conversation with bartender about the guard is now available from the beginning.
Linux version
Knowing me I produced some more bugs! ^^’
New Enemy:
Scar (Boss Fight)
To make him horny you need to use other methods than typical teasing. New kind of mechanic in battle against him.
This fight is not repeatable. The story progress depends on the result of the battle.
Tank (Boss Fight)
He have three different sets of attacks. One for when he is not horny, one for when he is in his berserk state and one for when he is horny.
To progress to another fight you need to win the fight, dominate or submit (The last option only works if your character is expert in ass/pussy or endurance is higher than 16).
New Quest:
Staying sane (Ruins, Priestess)

Bareshades Fortification (Sawmill if you discouraged Logan to go to the bandit camp)
The scene have two variations. One for higher intellect, the other for higher strength. Its not a big change, only slightly different dialogues. Also if Bernard likeness is at least 50 he will have a short appearance. It cant be repeated.
More fun in hot spring (Hot Spring)
Drunkard Male submissive, Female dominant. Femboy Male dominant, different version depends which fame is higher
Chores for Hayden (Hot Spring)
There are four chores, you can do one per day and the next one its different. Later it start from the first one.
Bandit Camp:
New Items and Recipes:
Sanity Potion (Restore the sanity)
Battle helpers. For now its used only in the fight against Scar, but Ill probably use it in the future too.
Losing a fight against jelly monster now lowers sanity. It can be replenish by new potion or by sleeping. If sanity drops to 0 it means game over with a special scene.
Small adjustment to the GUI (Different color on the libido/health orbs and bars, frames and some buttons a little bit tidier, scrolls are not bright red anymore, new icon in reinforcement screen for garden and animal screens)
All art made by ZoroJ
Bareshade/Bar: Renting a room after midnight is not longer skipping the day
Corrected text when being restrained in a fight against two bandits
Attacks that leads to being restrained have cooldown now
Items in bag and crafting screen are now sorted. Names of berries and pulps changed so they are listed next to each other.
Blessed Lizards Piercing should work properly now.
Some other small fixes
I suggest keeping a save from before the update, just in case you encounter bugs.