Slave Brothel 3D – Prostitution

Slave Brothel 3D - ProstitutionSlave Brothel 3D - ProstitutionSlave Brothel 3D - Prostitution

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Luxury room Perversion service room: – Hole – Chain room – Deviant room Living rooms: -Jail -Flat Maintenance rooms: – Shower – Bath – Mistress room – Garden – Punishment room In the beginning of game you will need at least 1 service room, to earn money, 1 living room, where your slaves will live and a shower room to keep them clean.

2. Hall Hall is special room where newly come client will wait for service. Right-click on it will bring up menu. Where you can open/close your brothel and set up entry fee.

3. Clients Town consists of 150 citizens. All citizens divided to 3 categories: poor(grey color), prosperios(red color) and rich(gold color). Every client has it own parameters, which you can see on right-click: – Wealth. Money which client can spend in your brothel. – Perversion. client with high “Perversion level” will prefer girl in perversion service room – Esthete. client with high “Esthete level” will prefer girl in esthete service room – Squeamish. Clients with high “Squeamish level” will prefer clean girl, with high “Hygiene level” – Satisfaction. Overall satisfaction level by your brothel. Satisfaction raises, then client receive girl, which he choose. If where is no suitable girl for client, when he will leave your brothel, with decreased satisfaction. “Satisfaction level” affects on how often client will come to your brothel.

4. Slaves Slaves are your working girls. They can be bought on “Market” (“To town” button), and can be sold (“Sell” button in slave menu). Before slave can be bought, you must build a living room for her (Jail or flat). To access slave menu right-click on slave. For transfer slave to another room click “Send her to room” and point to room. To designate slave to service room click “Designate her to service room” and point to room. After designation button “Send to designated room” will send slave to that room. Slave parameters: – Submission. High submission required for “Esthete service rooms” – Sanity. Mental health. Sanity reduced by serving to client, especially in Perversion service room. Low “Sanity level” can lead to “INSANE” status. After a certain time “INSANE” status can lead to death. – Passion. “Passion level” indicates pleasure of slave. It can be gained in Esthete service rooms or in mistress room. High level of “Passion” means, what slave loves her work. – Skill. Slave experience in sexual service. Clients prefer slaves with higher “Skill level”. – Hygiene. Low “Hygiene level” means, what slave must go to shower or bath.

5. Events From time to time negative events will occur. Be prepared. 6. Game over You will win if brothel prestige rise to 80%.After winning gallery you gain access to gallery mode. Game will be over if in the beginning of day you will have negative balance.