Shadow Portal Camelot ver..67 – Fantasy

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Censorship: No
Version: v0.67
Game Studio: Shadow Portal
Platform: Windows
Language: Eng
Yet another new twist on an old story. Seems interesting, Have not played it and not much info about the story is on the Patreon or blog page.
Now let’s see what have been added or changed in this update:

Added new art screens between the chapters.
Added the third chapter with 8 quests. 3 of them are for main story and 5 side quests.
Added 9 new locations.
Added one more story from Merlin’s diary.
Added the system to restore your progress. (Available only for Patrons.) If you have played the first chapters and want to start from the new content you can choose to begin from the third chapter, answer a few questions and the game will adjust the conditions.
Added a lot of new background music.
The Hall of Fame has been updated. (Available only for Patrons.)
Numerous new characters has been added.
Added the art for the Witch
Added the art for the unknown girl in the mine and the quest for her.
Added the art for the jailer’s daughter and the quest for her.
Improved translation of the first chapter.
Performance optimisations.
Fixed a number of bugs. The majority of them were located with your help. Thank you for making the game better.
Unfortunately, save games made in previous versions are prone to causing various bugs.