Mr Thick - College Girls - 0.05

Mr Thick - College Girls - V. 0.05 - Male protagonistMr Thick - College Girls - V. 0.05 - Male protagonistMr Thick - College Girls - V. 0.05 - Male protagonistMr Thick - College Girls - V. 0.05 - Male protagonist

Genre: Male protagonist, DateSim, College, Mini games, Cardgame, All Adult
Censor: None
Game Studio/Publisher: Mr Thick
Version 0.05
OS: Windows
Language: Eng

Life in Reed College.​

v 0.05
is finally here. It adds a better map, a proper introduction to the game, new places at college and 2 new characters. By the end of the month I will post the end of Celine’s first quest.
Thank you all for waiting and for your support. I really appreciate it. Updates will be back to their normal schedule now, monthly.

Build 0.04 is finally here. This build brings the bases for future updates. All new buildings will be compatible with this one. Savings included. Many things have been improved and new content has been added. To cite a few:

– Tooltips indicating where the globes send you to
– A few transitions when opening screens
– Save compatibility. From 0.04 on, all saves will be compatible. This one is compatible with most saves from the previous versions.
– The mysterious girl’s quest line was expanded
– More scenes with Lorrie
– More scenes with Alison
– More clues indicating where you should go next were included
– New game menu and new settings menu

Thank you very much for your support. I’m trying my best to bring you new content and improve the game quality. I’ve certainly learned a lot this year. My knowledge of Ren’py, Daz3D, and Gimp allows me to do things much faster now. I’m really happy on what I’ve got so far, even knowing the updates could bring more content and the game could look better. It was a busy year, but I’m glad I took the time to work on this project. For the close future, I want to add a proper introduction to the game, work on the GUI, expand the college and city, improve the art for some characters and as you voted, work on Sara’s quest line.

Android version will be added as soon as I fix a problem with the new Ren’py version.
If you get any crashes, please let me know so that I can fix it as soon as possible.