K-515 – Lustbane: Tales – V. 0.8.1 – Anal

K-515 - Lustbane: Tales - V. 0.8.1 - AnalK-515 - Lustbane: Tales - V. 0.8.1 - AnalK-515 - Lustbane: Tales - V. 0.8.1 - AnalK-515 - Lustbane: Tales - V. 0.8.1 - Anal


Developer: K-515
Tags: k-515, vaginal, anal, blowjob, handjob, oral, character creation, combat, side-scroller,
Censor: No
Language: English
Version: 0.8.1
OS: Win/Mac
Size: In Download.
Setting is a medieval-fantasy world.This is a 2D sex-oriented rogue -like with RPG elements game. You take a role of adventurer with gift or bane of the “Lustbane”. Game will be in two parts dungeon crawling and party members management in the citys.I planning to do many events that will occur through players adventures.​
Changes to party system:
– Now you can have up to 4 adventurers in a party
– All members will be traveling throughout the level
– But you still need to select party member to change they equipment/ stats(I’m working on it)
Changes to battle system:
– Now it’s a group battle (up to 4 characters from each side)
– Now there is an initiative order. It based on agility, perception and luck of the character
– Special attacks can be used on friends or foes
– Finishing moves for each type of weapon
– If your character die, but you have alive party member, you will control them
– Now you can check characters information in the battle by clicking on them. (additional bars will appear at right bottom corner of the screen)
– Fix animator timing issue, so animation should plays much more smoother
– Camera zoom can be disabled in Options
Other changes:
– Infinite inventory( well I checked it with 300 items, it works))
– New character race: Orcs
– New muscular female body type
– Color change sliders are switched from RGB to HSV
– Save system changed( old saves won’t work, sorry)
Bug fixes:
– Inn bug fixed
– Couple of brothel bugs fixed
Known issues that i’m working on:
– If you switch characters at town and go to brothel immediately, there will be fun bug with equipment
– Some times AI can suicide
– If you can’t hire anybody at pub, you probably run out of money (I need to fix this so that the proper message is displayed)
– The game really needs time to load. So be patient please.