Hunt and Snare V. R3 Ver. by Ruffleneck – Monster girl

Hunt and Snare V. R3 Ver. by Ruffleneck - Monster girlHunt and Snare V. R3 Ver. by Ruffleneck - Monster girlHunt and Snare V. R3 Ver. by Ruffleneck - Monster girlHunt and Snare V. R3 Ver. by Ruffleneck - Monster girl

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What is it?
Hunt and Snare is a third person furry hunting game where you explore, sneak, hunt, and sexplore. In essence, you take your trusty tranquilizer rifle to exotic sky islands, and sneak and hunt for various species, put a tranquilizer dart in their butt, take them back to the ship. Sell what you don’t like, keep those you like as your crew, and then take them for sexploration trips around the islands.
STAGE 1 of Hunting – Stealth – Press CTRL to toggle sneaking. Wild characters will run away in fear if player makes too much noise (no actual sound cues tho, just movement speeds and locations) OR is seen by a wild character. Sneaking upon a character and holding E will “tame them” as a temporary capturing mechanic. Friendly characters wear a collar.
PATREON BUILD: Island of Skiia expanded beyond rapids and with first visit to desert. Multiple act locations added
PATREON BUILD ONLY Animation(s): Pawing animations Velvet(MxF/M) and Pawjob animation: Rocket (MxF/M)
NEW – Island Demo (forest area) added to Public build
NEW – Color grading and lighting improvements (somewhat strongly inspired by Skyrim)
NEW – Ability to filter fetishes/acts/spawner settings for Skiia (note: Certain character combinations, like FxF do not enough very many animations so it’s easy to end up with only one or no animations at all. If that happens, increase the range of fetishes spawned)
NEW – Climbing added, not very optimized yet, but you can climb ladders by facing a ladder and pressing SPACE
NEW – Island is accessible in-game by holding M (temporary, until better solution is decided)
NEW Animation(s): Oral animations Milkman(M/FxF) and Picnic(MxM/F), and Pawjob animation Plucker(M/FxF)
Improved act location animation randomization so that there are less duplicates and larger pool of animations exist in the world
Improved actor follow behavior to take into account which side of player is easier to reach without constantly bumping into player
Improved Showroom lighting to match Skiia’s lighting (eventually will support day and night cycle in both settings)
Fixed act camera’s “moon watching” when pressing Default camera for act
Fixed rectangular screen fader that didn’t cover whole screen on 1440p resolution
Fixed camera going wild in bushes (as it was trying to evade looking from behind a bush)
Fixed regional skins not spawning correctly
Fixed massive sun on Skiia
Fixed character act ghosts displaying wrong genders
Fixed species spawning next to player or in sight of player
Fixed simple reflections on Skiia (though it is most likely not very visible as we didn’t have many reflective surfaces to begin with!)
Showroom controls:
Rotate camera with by holding left mouse button
Scroll wheel to zoom in/out
F1-F4 changes quality levels (same as launcher quality settings)
ESC returns to main menu
1,2,0 keys switch between POVs and Default camera
You can customize colors by copy pasting HEX code to the #000000 slot below color buttons
Island controls:
WASD to move
Hold SHIFT to run
Press CTRL to toggle sneaking on/off
Hold E to interact with characters (follow/unfollow, capture) and locations
Press SPACE to “finish” animations
ESC returns to main menu
Hold M to display map
Press SPACE to climb ladders
In Act: hold RIGHT mouse button to rotate camera
In Act: Scroll wheel zooms in/out