Darkhound1 – Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) – Harem

Darkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - HaremDarkhound1 - Holiday Island [Ver. ] (2017) (Eng) - Harem


Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Visual novel, 3DCG, Release-sim, Massage, Milf, Big tits, Bikini, Big Boobs
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows / MacOS
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Language of game: English
Language: English
Platform: Renpy

You, the player (a guy) won a lottery for the holidays on a Pacific island. But is not just any island. It is full of beautiful girls.
You can play the game.


v0.1.6.2 Beta
The update from to has 91 new renders, videos and sound files right now! (158 render if you count the animation frames as well)
New features and content
Heather gets the Hotshots hot scene
Heather gets the Hotshots scene in the night bar
Heather gets the “visit her in her room” renders
Heather gets a posing event that gets triggered when you get the hotshots “hot scene”
Lacey gets the doctor images (hug, kiss, etc.)
Controls for the posing even have been improved, together with the possibility to use higher resolution images
Jessica gets the “jump into the pool” renders
Jessica gets the “visit her in her room” renders
Minor improvements and changes
Yvette will get two new context related sexting images (in her blue nightwear)
A new simple animation sequence function will be added. It will support the display of animations with a static background. It will be used for the first time in Heather’s hot shots scene
Bug fixes
Random crashes with “Out of memory”. Probably either a memory leak, or too high settings for caches. Haven’t been able to reproduce it –> no fix yet (you could try changing the renpy renderer to directx or software – open the game and use shift + g, change the renderer, press “quit” and restart the game)
If you invite Heather to the bar from her room and then play Hotshots, you can’t visit her room an hour later since she’s not in the list again
Yvette’s dinner appointment didn’t count as a “porn” action
Last picture of the “guess who” mini game could not be send
Some errors in the save game updater that prevented very old save games from loading
Crash with “NameError: name ‘jessica’ is not defined” when starting a new game
AttributeError: ‘cl_character’ object has no attribute ‘room_type’ happens during the update phase of a save game
Ambient noises/sound sometimes wasn’t stopped when you had an appointment
Crash could occur when one of the new animations sequences with the controls is started. camera was not reset to index 0
When the player get’s drunk during hotshots, he isn’t drunk after the game
After Yvette’s hotshot “hot scene”, player’s and Yvette’s lust and endurance weren’t lowered
Yvette’s hotshots “hot scene” when MC is completely undressed: could not find image. (u’scenes/Yvette/nightbar/Yvette_nightbar_hs4_heat14a.webp’)
When Yumiko sends you a guess who image: Couldn’t find file ‘appointments/Amy/Amy_dinner9_face.jpg’ crash could occur
If you play HotShots against Aly and she’s wearing her special outfit already, the game stats are not reset and the game directly ends
Amy surprise visit in her room achievement had the wrong preview image
Some achievements where you visited the girl’s room where not displayed correctly

The update from to has 421 new renders and videos!
Include everything from beta including all content addons and bug fixes.
New features and content
Joy can send three sexting images now.
Faye gets a very long scene with posing and two videos in the “blue room”, a part of the night bar (upstairs).
Jennifer will reveal her transformation story in an event.
Natasha gets the “follow me” renders.
Natasha gets the “flash breasts” renders.
Desire and Jessica get a hot “girl time” event.
Desire gets an event where she visits your room in a pink maid dress.
Jennifer gets a few scenes where you can visit her in her room.
Getting the new room will be a quest with some different things to do to finally get it.
Jennifer and Yumiko get the “flash breasts” actions.
Jennifer gets an event where she shows you around the new player room.
There will be a new player room with lots of cool options (please check the other posts about that one) .
Desire gets another poker reward which involves her huge assets.
Desire gets and extended weight lifting scene with a little surprise.
Renée gets the breast flash renders.
Desire maid scene will be rewritten and rerendered.
Faye gets the night drink scene.
Faye gets a short event where you run into her in the hotel corridor.
Minor improvements and changes
Added the code to allow sexting images to be “dream images as well” (only used for Joy right now).
All pool scenes have been refined to improve picture to picture transitions. Conversation text has been improved as well..
Bug fixes
Dream images for Renée were not added
Ivy breast bump event in her swimwear was not supposed to happen in the evening
Jennifer age and room number are not shown, although the MC knows them.