Bedlam Games No Haven v..7501 – Lesbian

Bedlam Games No Haven v..7501 - LesbianBedlam Games No Haven v..7501 - LesbianBedlam Games No Haven v..7501 - Lesbian

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Change Log

Version 0.7501

-Toned down the increased vulnerability of Inexperienced Slavers. Easy and No Pressure now also reduce slaver vulnerability in general.
-Attempted rebalance of which slaves are used so slavers will prefer better slaves, made low condition a bit more of a turn off for slavers and high condition more of a turn on, and added a couple of traits that should have being checked on before and weren’t being.
-All slave training now has specific text to take account of you doing them.
-New male and female specific draenei art.
-Fix for Strong Right Arm causing many an annoyance.
-Fix for males being offered beautiful on level up.
-Fix for mercenaries not being able to deduct their fee. Mercenaries were incorrectly effected by morale, they will still be effected by the Heavenly Debauchery event based on their traits. Some slavers were not being effected by Heavenly Debauchery that should have been.
-Fix for you not being able to level up yourself.
-Fix for crash on ranking up selecting a slaver.
-Hunted down the last of the incomplete Crafter: Metal traits.
-Fix for not being able to remove drider applied clothes if you have a drider around along with specific text if you have a drider wrapped in a drider outfit.
-Fix for preferences for Lamia overriding the exploration rank up mandatory centaurs.
-Fix for your Dominant trait sometimes not being recognized on assignments.
-Fix for when repicking on slaving assignments it was not counting any progress towards crushing it from your slaves traits.
-Fix for the Dominator clothing when you’re wearing them.
-Fix for the additional examine text in TF Edition from the Super Negatives aspects not showing up. Also made it so the text for orc plaything is no longer assuming that you’re an elf.