Amaraine – Strange Gift – Ver. 0.12 – Male Protagonist

Amaraine - Strange Gift - Ver. 0.12 - Male ProtagonistAmaraine - Strange Gift - Ver. 0.12 - Male ProtagonistAmaraine - Strange Gift - Ver. 0.12 - Male ProtagonistAmaraine - Strange Gift - Ver. 0.12 - Male ProtagonistAmaraine - Strange Gift - Ver. 0.12 - Male Protagonist

Name: Strange Gift
Genre: Male domination, Male protagonist, Bondage, Seduction
Version 0.12
Censor: No
Language: Eng
Made in: Ren’Py

I’m the author of several sex games: Bondage Island, Lucretia’s Legacy, and my latest, Damsels and Dungeons. Thank you for checking my page out, and I hope you’ll download the games and enjoy them in this game
you’re a normal guy living with your roommate Alvin hoping to buy a house for your gf and get married…

Changel0g 0.12:
New Content:
Added “Easy Mode”. In easy mode, spells are easier to learn, and the effect of the darkness on decreasing the lust of girls is decreased. Mia’s affection goes up slightly faster with drink orders. Several scenes with scripted characters are unavailable, especially the ones that make the game harder.
New scripted character, Isabella, a dominatrix, with her own special scenes.
A new Latina model, with all renders, has been added to the game.
New renders for engaging in whip play with the characters have been added.
UI Improvements:
The default text color in the office and pool has been changed, making information more readable. The background on which small text appears in the Library has been made more opaque for similar reasons.
Functionality Changes:
The chances that individual characters are likely to be working for Loki has shifted somewhat.
The magical abilities of scripted characters who are working for Loki are no longer calculated randomly, but are always higher than they would be if the characters were not.
There are no longer non-scripted dominatrixes.
Opening the library early no longer triggers an early appearance for Olivia.
Mia now appears earlier in the game.
With the introduction of Whipping, Spanking has been made slightly less effective; whipping is more effective than spanking used to be.
Code Improvements:
The code has been refactored in various ways.

Changel0g 0.11:
New Content:
There’s a new cos-play and adult scene with Olivia
Winning the game gives you a better reward with Freyja.
UI Improvements:
The game will no longer tell you that you can’t bring the darkness down due to the level of darkness at home, when you have brought the darkness down to 0 or less. (One less annoying message)
The display of darkness in the lower right hand corner will now properly indicate the maximum darkness level of a location.
Functionality Changes:
Characters can no longer randomly get the name “Mia”
Girls who are your slave no longer randomly show up where you have already defeated the darkness, unless it is because they work there (e.g., a Barrista at the Cafe)
Darkness can no longer go below -25
The church now unlocks eventually even if you don’t have a conversation with the ex-nun — but the nun can still help you unlock it faster.
The maximum number of nemeses you can get in the game is now set to 2.

Changel0g 0.10.1:
New Content:
Stripper pole scenes using the Exhibitionism Fetish now available at both Lifestyles and Leather and Steel for all characters (Around 30 new renders.)
A new scene with Olivia at the Pool
New location, the office, with a new scene related to winning the game.
It’s now possible to win the game — or fall short. Either way, you can continue playing.
UI Improvements:
Darkness screen on your phone now displays maximum values for every location.
Girls known to be non-magical now have their names displayed in gray rather than black or white on the main location screens.
Some screen images that would pop up again when you leave a location should no longer do so.
Functionality Changes:
Exhibitionism gives more of a Submission boost in general, including the scenes with Mia.
The time to learn and the cost to cast of “Learn Sexuality” has been reduced.
When you start researching a new spell, you now make progress on it immediately, which means that (a) all spells are effectively one research point cheaper, and (b) it helps to have a Librarian or Professor who is helping you with magic in the library with you when you start researching a spell.
Once your vacation is over, you have to go to the office every workday morning.
XXX in the church now reduces the darkness at a faster rate than elsewhere.
The ex-Nun will appear more frequently in public locations until the church in unlocked, making it less frustrating to find her to unlock the church.

New Content:

Chloe has a small scene at the pool where she will offer to help you seduce other girls.
Chloe arm wrestling scene at the cafe
Trying to play with housewives in the swing club leads to different dialog and has changed functionality.
Making out with Mia at the pool gives you a special scene.
Mia and Chloe are now needed to help you end the darkness at the pool.
There’s a new graphic for “Fight Darkness” at the church.
UI Improvements:
If a girl has become your slave, her name will now appear in orange on the phone.
Game will no longer throw an exception when you ask Mia her name.
It is no longer possible to close the cafe without doing the ritual.
You should no longer get the option of doing the darkness defeating ritual at locations where it has already been defeated.
Graphic for Fighting Darkness at the club now displays properly.
Functionality Changes:
The odds of a skill-up when practicing Bondage/Spanking have been doubled.
Spanking, Bondage, and Exhibitionism, and Porn in the Church, and Blowjobs in public places all increase submission slightly faster, reducing the grind. The formula for submission increase from XXX and blowjobs at home or in the club remains the same, however, there is now a minimum increase of 1.
Half of a character’s mana, rounded up, carries over to the next day, making more mana available for casting spells sometimes (and as a result, more chances for skill ups.)
The costs of Be More Daring and Limited Consent have been reduced by 5 submission. The cost of Blanket Consent remains the same (50, or 25 with Limited Consent).
The darkness now wins in locations if the darkness level reaches 50, rather than 100.
It is no longer possible to increase the submission of an girl who is working for the enemy above 9, and therefore you can no longer give her a rule.
Girls who used to work for the enemy are no longer surprised that you know about magic.

Changel0g 0.8:
New Content:
You may now make a Release to meet a girl later in the day, once you have some affection with her. Dates for Leather and Steel require a girl to be willing, and then some, to do something kinky with you, and girls do not make dates to meet you at their workplace.
Girls give a wider variety of responses to spanking and bondage requests, that provide a clue to their enthusiasm for the activity in general.
New location, the church. Most girls only go there if they’ve agreed to help you with magic and you make arrangements to meet them there. Unlock by talking to an Ex-Nun (new profession)
Added closing scene for the Cafe, involving Mia, with 5 new full-screen renders.
UI Improvements:
There is now a help function available from both the location screen and the character interaction screen.
Functionality Changes:
Chloe now prefers jokes to serious conversation.
Girls are now more reluctant to engage in activities beyond flirting if they are at work (e.g., lifeguards at the beach, or dominatrixes at the dungeon.)
You can no longer ask a girl to be your Release for the swing club if you already have a Release for the swing club.
The number of magical girls in the game by day 32 should always now be 9.
The cafe now requires a special scene with Mia to close it.
Mia works quite a bit differently in a number of ways — she is less available to do things at the cafe, for instance, but flirting with her there (by ordering a drink) doesn’t stop you from flirting with another patron.