КИТТ – Vampire Life [V. 0.17] [2016] – RPG

КИТТ - Vampire Life [V. 0.17] [2016] - RPGКИТТ - Vampire Life [V. 0.17] [2016] - RPGКИТТ - Vampire Life [V. 0.17] [2016] - RPGКИТТ - Vampire Life [V. 0.17] [2016] - RPGКИТТ - Vampire Life [V. 0.17] [2016] - RPG


Year: 2016
Date: 2016/02/16
Censor: None / a patch to remove
Game Developer: KITT
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Demo
Tablet: Not required
Version: 0.17
Language Games : Russian + Eng

What awaits us in the update.
1 the delay from the consumption of food and water.
2 Kraft Added supply of available food( from your inventory of food, to create a ration from the liquid)
3 Added new race: zombies.
Added 4 new hairstyles, eyes, mouths.
5 Introduced affection morph (: for assignments and interaction).
6 the need to morph ( if not to feed morph – he will die) .
7 Feeding a little in the style of hentai… volunteer to feed so no one will want. For this action you need to find a special bdsm suit.
8 Added animation and mechanics of the feeding( possible changes in the future)
9 we are working on the improvement of the classes morph
10 Transferred to another receipt elixir HP for morph.
11 fixed a rare bug with the inventory and ordinary bugs in it.
12 fixed a bug in which during smut the character on the map was moving and he was hit by a car.
13 Added new items
14 fixed a bug where the hatch instead of 10 tokens sold 1
15 Now we need to unleash the porn. This part will be updated many more times
16 Introduced the fear that would scare better and phrases were Matera – it is necessary to search for records. Pikselhanting, landfills, Park.
17, With the death of morph – it can be buried
18 Added preferences Morphou
19 pussy Added dynamic( assigned when you create your character)-
20 ordinary clothing Added to loot system
21 Now some of the items you can sell everything at once, and not only for 1pcs.
22 Reduced the cost of building the Cabinet in 3 times and fire 2 times.
23 Now, mushrooms and flowers can be eaten raw. The truth and the consequences are different.
24 Hunting magnifier accelerated
25 fixed bug with machines.
26 Where something is not working the mouse and people were confused. The mouse is now disabled for an indefinite period. Added alternative movement to the player.( now the player can go in the side)
27 Revamped part of the menu of plants merged together menu of mushrooms and flowers.
28 Added backpacks. and capacity. Is issued standard with a capacity of 20 Units.
Capacity affects how much you will be able to pick up from the Park. After you have to get to the lair and again to dial.
Now 29 resources for the 1m transition in the Park limited. more than a certain amount at the 1st location it is impossible to collect. Need to take a walk.
30 Reworked inventory of food, thirst, objects, plants. Now they have become much easier to use. If you compare the new inventory with the old from 0.15 – heaven and earth. variant of the inventory in the first( 0.1 build) is in General, what the hell was that. Excuse me for it.
31. added a few random events
32. Remade item, which was responsible for the end of the game. Now after death you can download. If you click cancel, the game closes.
33. Introduced bleeding
34. Added the rare species of herbs, treatment and rest
35. reworked the AI, the loot system pixel hunting.
36. now sexual fatigue is restored everywhere
37. Introduced some legendary things. You can get them in the slot machines with very small chance or by accident although sometimes weekly gift. Such things give a tangible boost to the game.
Introduced legendary loupe. if you have such – you will always have a 100% chance to obtain additional resources from Lucania.
38 Introduced prof – gatherer. It affects the speed of data collection, the quantity and quality of items.
39. Now the vampire has to drink blood. It removes the status of “wants blood” and gives small boosts to damage and speed.
40. Now morph, it can be pumped. The maximum level is 100.
While this is only a sketch but to pump it – nothing else to do
41. You can now clean the dirty water tablets for water purification.
42. Added some food and water in the beginning of the game. Increased chance to escape from the wolf
43. The collection of water from rivers and lakes in the Park.
44. Now if a vampire is hungry and wants blood( blood hunger), his damage is slightly reduced in combat with morfa