The Hidden Cave Treasure – Rpg

The Hidden Cave Treasure - RpgThe Hidden Cave Treasure - RpgThe Hidden Cave Treasure - Rpg

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■ Story

In the Tasmarin cave near Amstel Kingdom, the
thieves who are expanding their power in recent years are becoming a threat to the Kingdom of Amst

King Amström, determined to attack the bandits, decided to commission prior information gathered before the total attack strategy
to the Cradle family who was good at intelligence

The hero who is still the inheritance of the Cradle family still can not
gather information that makes the Amstel royal army advantageous and can lead the strategy to success …

■ Overview

In the Tasmarin cave dominated by various thieves
, collecting information that becomes weak points from the life information of the bandits, sometimes being tempted by woman’s weapons
, setting while doing gobble battle and thieves group thief activity etc.
Game collects as much information as possible within the period (temporary: can be changed 20 days) and reports it to friendly

How you gather information in what form is free depending on the protagonist

· Total number of CG basic: 30 or more
· Total number of events: 40 or more
· Multi-end type

This game software is created using “RPG Maker VXAce” When
playing a game, “RPG Menu VXAceRTP” is required

Censor: Yes
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: Japanese
CPU: 2GHz or Higher
DirectX: 9 or Higher
RAM: 1GB or Higher