Summer Vacation Sister Hunters – Spanking

Summer Vacation Sister Hunters - SpankingSummer Vacation Sister Hunters - SpankingSummer Vacation Sister Hunters - Spanking

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The three of us are hole brothers 4 life yo.
We love to target naughty older sis types and PUNISH them.
There’s nothing more fun than fucking onesans.

The girls don’t know they’re being bad, bad girls.
It’s those perfect curves poured into tight blouses and skirts
that drives guys wild, and they walk around like they own the world.
God it makes me hard. Their looks and their scent…
girls be begging for it yo! It’s their fault we get horny!

Gonna make them cry. Weep with lust on this big dick.
Shriek like the whores their fathers would be ashamed to see.
Bad girls, you’re all bad girls! We’re comin’ to get you!

We are the Big Sister Hunters.

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