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Year : 2017
Language games: Japanese
Description: Elstein Kingdom – a power country that is claimed as the Millennial Kingdom, and dominates half of the continent.
Born as the princess of the Elstein Kingdom, “Elise” was an ideal princess who loved the people and loved by the people.
I was sending happy days with a female knight “Anna” serving to public and private from an early age.

But “Elise” had trouble.
That there is a discrepancy between the true self and the “Elysee” that the people seek.
The true self “Elise” is weak and spiritually brittle, a weak personality that worries about how others’ eyes and myself are seen.
Ideal princess and real self. Due to stress coming from that gap,
Eventually she will have the desire to expose everything ….
Even though I should have been satisfied with walking naked at first. More thrill, more stimulation, more pleasant.
The desire for unexposed exposure pleasure will eventually become to destroy not only herself but also best friend and country –