Appetite – Immoral mother-in-law -Forbidden Pleasure – Anal

Censorship: yes
Language: Jap

Kenji and Yuki are newlyweds. They are happy and waiting for the child. For this reason, they temporarily live with the parents of Chiyako’s wife and Tadashi.
Once, when Yuki and Chiyako went to the hospital for a routine examination, while Tadashi was at work, Kenji decided to drive the bald man.
Everything seemed to have ended safely, but he heard footsteps. It was Chiyako … And why did she come back earlier ?!
“Sorry, I did not mean to stop you.”
It was still possible to wrap a joke, but the woman was too outraged by what she had seen.
At night Kenji decided to go to the toilet. On the way, he heard strange sounds coming from Chiyako’s bedroom.
Deciding to look, he saw how she masturbates. Dazed, he involuntarily leaned forward.
It’s strange how it turned out. Kenji wanted to apologize, but Chiyako beat him:
“Kenji-kun, you can think that we’re even and quit, but if you stay …”
She did not have time to finish speaking. Their lips merged in a passionate kiss …