Studio Dystopia – Take Over APK [Ver.0.23] – Mind Control

Studio Dystopia - Take Over APK [Ver.0.23] - Mind ControlStudio Dystopia - Take Over APK [Ver.0.23] - Mind ControlStudio Dystopia - Take Over APK [Ver.0.23] - Mind ControlStudio Dystopia - Take Over APK [Ver.0.23] - Mind Control

Publisher/Publisher: Developer / Publisher Dystopia
Censor: None
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: Eng
Genre:Corruption, Moral degeneration, Incest, MILF, Mind control, 3dcg, Anal adult, Gay, Groping, Group XXX, Handjob, Male protagonist, Oral smut, Rape, Vaginal XXX, Voyeurism, Mobile game, Moral degeneration

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TakeOver.exe” to start playing.

Incest patch:
Overwrite script.rpy file inside your take over folder > game

Updating Old Saves:
To update old saves you need to make sure to save in your house. Once you do that, load the new version of the game and sleep once, that will auto update the game.

Take Over is a game about corruption, where you need to be careful about being caught by the oppresive government. Mind control the people in town, use them and their influence in your favor, or put them to work to get resources and money, and finally take over.


4 new story scenes: Now you’ll be in charge of corrupting the TV station. Introducing two new characters: Maja, the not so bimbo agent, and Dzenana, the director of the Dept. of Knowledge.14 new repeatable smut scenes, with 2/3 porn scenes for the next characters: Alexandra (Vera’s boss, can be found at the HQ), Dana (At the university), Alenka (At the bar in midtown), Giovanni (at the club), Claire (at the club) and the Barista/Manager (at the coffee shop)New locations: Midtown (a choice inside the downtown menu), TV station (midtown), Bar (midtown)125 new renders and images12k words of content (4k for the main story, the rest for the adult scenes)Fixed Katy’s submissive porn scene bug.