Droid Productions – Love of Magic APK – 0.3.9 – Male protagonist

Droid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonistDroid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonistDroid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonistDroid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonistDroid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonistDroid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonistDroid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonistDroid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonistDroid Productions - Love of Magic APK - 0.3.9 - Male protagonist


Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Mobile game, Groping, Handjob, Tentacles, Teasing, Virgin, Oral porn
Censor: No
Language : English

Welcome to the world of Magic, where demi-Gods drink in your local pub, and the great grand-daughter of King Arthur is your study-buddy. Fight your way through the Paths of Elsewhere, romance a variety of gorgeous women, and discover your destiny.​

– Typo pass
– Fixed the possibility of UIs retaining past poker battle
– Opening the memory UI twice from computer would shut it down immediately
– Memory UI didn’t properly set a first character on popup
– Shuffling deck on startup

– Tweaked atlas definitions for splines
– Fixed repeated visits to memory setup duplicating the selection options
– Put the memory setup on a co-routine for responsiveness, cleaned up memory usage
– Added a memory setup animation when showing fullscreen
– localization update for memory display, fixed tall spines rendering incorrectly
– trips to elsewhere could skip afternoon events
– tweaked treasure even reward drop probability

– Could trigger wrong end of act scene from basement on the day of day 3
– Fixes to sell-poker code
– Lightning stun changed (stun level is now 3-7-14-21-etc)
– tweaked the RNG seed
– Removed access to bed & gateway when you have visitors
– Added alpha version of the memory replay
– Fixed Emily’s swimsuit sequence. Added a new dedicated clothing store to keep things cleaner moving forward

– when typing the group name in the input field, hotkeys were still active
– if you look at the cat outfit but don’t have enough money, then go back to it once you do, you can’t buy it, the dialogue just closes
– Fixed bug in Release date 5 that would cut it in half if wrong path chosen (it was supposedly fixed in 0.3.5, but it appears unity crashed)
– Fixed purchasing Emily’s swimsuit
– Fixed unnecessary double-comment regarding trip to elsewhere
– Moved beach party until second week to fit Emily/Molly’s relationship arc
– UI update broke ally, fixed.
– Shower now has a 10% chance of giving a CHR bonus. Fixed shower advancing time breaking
– Fixed a bug the could leave effects behind in the poker game
– Added support for selling gems to the Quartermaster
– End of Act image for savegame

– Emily’s swimming adventure
– Beachparty
– Loading a game with blur on would leave blur active later when you returned to that room
– New clothing: bikini for Emily, Molly and Katie (Bella doesn’t get one yet, I don’t need to talk to her directly)
– Added continuity fallback if Olivia’s tentacle adventures happen after Sarah’s unavailable

– Allow compressed spine textures to go up to 4k (fixed a couple of grainy textures)
– Fixed Ally UI being oversized
– Fixed level ui dialog missing stats
– Fade screen was broken by the optimized UI
– Hide UI was broken with the new UI
– Added Chloe catgirl scene
– Added new browser event, purchasing swimsuit for Emily

– Allies could be added twice
– Rewrote UIs to improve performance
– Added cheat to jump to specific day (may cause bugs, of course)
– Added cheat to enable/disable FPS overlay
– Did a memory pass to reduce Spine memory consumption
– Finished Monday’s visit to Nimue’s lake
– Added new friend game: Ataegina

– Chloe’s nude animation wasn’t animating
– Autoplay after you put down a card would break the game
– autoplay while hinting could leave the hints visible
– hints and discard/autoplay could conflict
– The cutscene for beginning of act III could play on the wrong day if you returned to the khukuri
– poker hand: straight flush had higher priority than 5 of a kind
– Height offsets for Dylan was wrong compared to MC
– Could activate save/load UI with F5/RMB from inside the poker game, possibly breaking things
– hints would activate while dragging card
– Fixed progression bug caused by not having talked to Katie / Chloe about Elsewhere before Released 3

– End of Act III
– Fixed a bug where Akane and Kitsune couldn’t be brought into elsewhere
– Torman wasn’t resetting his portrait at the beginning
– Fixed Emily not triggering end of act I scenario
– STR damage bonus (1% additional damage / STR level)

– Dates are now correctly showing in the calender
– Fenced off calender events that were showing prematurely
– RMB triggers save/load UI (same as F5), CMB triggers show/hide (same as H)
– Ceremonial Magic lecture added

– Spellchecking pass
– Release 6 + aftermath
– Two new allies, Kitsune (who does a flat damage) and Akene (who does board manipulation). Playable in Date6 + day50 onwards
– Fixing up hinting effect not cleanly disappearing when discarding
– fixing up discard occasionally leaving behind cards
– Fixed broken spine for molly’s tentacle adventures

– Ceremonial Magic Homework VI
– Evoker lesson VI

– Continuity and spelling mistakes for date5
– Re-enable blur at the right point in Release 5
– Ceremonial magic VI
– Straights took priority over 4/5 of a kind when using jokers

– Fixed some bugs in date5

– Fixed missing theme playing in certain scenarios
– Fixed typos
– Release 5 implemented

– Add debug text if there’s double dialogs
– Credits now scrolling
– New character: X
– Day 40 Evoker class dialog finished
– Purchase sequence for Emily’s lingerie finished (remember to check email to finish the cycle)

– Spelling mistakes and typos reported
– Bella could be added to the group even if it’s full if added last
– Cleaned out how the Main menu is set up, and made it systemic instead of code
– Ceremonial Magic V class, Ceremonial Homework V homework, Night after homework scene implemented
– Patch notes pathched to reflect that Katie now aids in Olivia’s ceremonial magic session
– Escape now opens / closes settings UI. Also closes other popups that can be closed simply
– Percentage damage resist from [Bella] could heal you above your max hp if you have shield