Strumpets versions 2.49 –

Strumpets versions 2.49 - Strumpets versions 2.49 - Strumpets versions 2.49 - Strumpets versions 2.49 -

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This time we focused on giving some more love to the guys. We added tattoos and markings for males, as well as poses. To top it all off, we added a new security outfit for boys and girls. Also, the cost of upgrading the dorms has increased, it was too easy to get a lot of strumpets early.
We have added a new option in the brothel for you to matchmake your employees. Now you can finally make use of your own strumpets, a much requested feature.
We also added a new selection of push-up bra’s that have cleavage! This will open up a lot of clothing options for us in the future. I spent a lot of time on these, adding all 8 possible skin colors for all the different sizes. It was brutal until I realised I was complaining about looking at boobs all day.
-added more options to the clothing store, we might move these later/require you to unlock the ability to have free reign over the looks of your people.
– added 2 muscular bodies for males and females

– added trait tooltips and a few new more interesting traits. (Some of the mood altering traits are not functional yet)

– New background for the brothel

– fixed issue with matchmaking your own strumpets

– reduced police attention gain