Starlust by maiji v.04 – Harem

Starlust by maiji v.04 - HaremStarlust by maiji v.04 - HaremStarlust by maiji v.04 - HaremStarlust by maiji v.04 - Harem

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First room
Inspect camera(starts Lynn introduction).
Inspect room (discover safe).
Eat fruit ( may be done 3 times in a day, restores energy).
Leave room, Maiji brings you “tears of maiji”, right clicking on the bottle permanently increases player energy by 40.

If the day is less then 4 you may meet Senia at the pool, else that event is missed

Now you may level up either at the pool or at the beach. Beach has no animation when swimming so its faster to level up there. Level gain will be much slower later but for
now you can spam swim there to gain couple of levels. It takes a bit more each level but not much. As of now swim is the only place that can level you up sanely. When you
successfully steal or break a lock, a small amount of experience is gained, but not much.
Defeating a enemy in combat also gets you some exp, but for now swimming is recommended.

Sleep till day 4. Mikaela may appear before in the room while cleaning, you may talk to her or not. If you do not talk to her while she is cleaning, night event will trigger
that decreases your lust by a small amount. Cleaning event is not really important, what is important is that on day 4 she will inform you that you need to go meet Lynn at her
chilling place near the pool. If you do not talk to Lynn and forward a day, one of two game over triggers will happen.

On day 4 go meet Lynn at the Poolside, after talking to Lynn, Senia will have a high chance of appearing in the yard outside of the building where your room is.
Once you get there and Senia event is active you can tell her to drive you, which brings up the travel map, or you can talk to her to find out more about the rough lore of

Travel to Hotel Rose(only icon on a map) and talk to Claudia as per Lynn’s instructions. Claudia gives you an errand to do for her.
You can either call taxi back, then talk to Senia to take you to General store, or try to break in the car behind Claudia by clicking on the cars left doors.
Once you break in, you will get to the cabin from where you can bring up a city map and drive yourself without lust increase. Once you go to sleep, it counts as if you have
left the car, and you will need to use Senia again to get to the Hotel Rose and right click on the wind shield to bring up the travel map again. Map stays active until
you go to sleep. Once you own a vehicle(buy or earn it) you will get the travel map permanently(or some future mechanic, tbd)

Once in the General store, talk to the shopkeeper, after that a watch will appear that you can pick up and bring back to Claudia at the hotel.
Enter the hotel and talk to the receptionist. If you say that you have the watch and you didn’t complete the errand, second game over condition will trigger.
At this point there are no more game over events, unless you get your ass kicked by the gangs at the Industrial zone.

Inside the car there is a club card. If you pick it up it will put Crazy Morse club on the map, and if you inspect the card, several more map locations will appear
(Most of these locations were added in 0.2 update but are rather bare for now).

Crazy Morse(club) entrance, you may inspect it to discover alley.

Industrial zone overview has a lock to break and successful inspection of the location enables additional travel icon.

At the hospital you can heal yourself if the nurse is available, she was suppose to have a 100% chance to appear, but I messed it up so the chance is a bit lower,
which means she sometimes doesn’t appear. Additionally, option that heals you has a incorrect choice that says “crawl”. If you click it it will heal you.Will be fixed.

Lynn has one more event at the poolside, that has a chance to trigger.Leaving the conversation rudely will trigger the event where Emma punishes you, but if your
strength is 4 or higher, when talking to Lynn, next day Emma will pay you a visit in your room., that After the event finishes travel icon will be added at the hall in front
of your room. It leads to the gym where you can break into the office. There you can hack a computer. Computer related skills and perks help with breaking into a computer.