Overtopia by SilverGogs Uncen – Monster girl

Overtopia by SilverGogs Uncen - Monster girl


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You are caught in the river and you realize that you do not remember anything. The only way to survive is to build strength.
Clickable RPG, Increase the army, cross monsters, learn magic, develop skills.

Management and instructions
Left selection button, attack.
Right button, move the camera, cancel the attack.
For seduction, it is not necessary to fill the pink strip of the opponent, it is necessary that the pink strip is more red.
Chance to fly initially is not 100%. To increase the chances you need to drink a pink potion during a fight.
Energy is needed to move around the map and add. Actions (creating potions in the chemical laboratory). To restore you need to sleep.
Food replenishes energy. You need to eat it while moving around the map.
Change of inventory in the room. To move an object from the cell to the cell, select the LMC and click in the free cell of the PCM.
Window with the result of the battle (Win / Lose) You can drag the mouse.

F1 – on / off. FPS
F4 or Alt + Enter – Full screen / In the window
M – On / Off. Sound.
F6 – download autosave.
F9 – Sends home saves energy to zero. Antibag (not recommended, especially during dialogues and plot actions.)