NOTvil GRAY Public tech build 0.3a – Anal

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First type of gameplay (platformer) – our heroe (human?) is locked in a body of robot and have to go through the all test chambers.
Sometimes he can awoke in his real body.
And this is the second type of gameplay (visual novel)- here our hero will interact with other characters.
This is a storyteling part of the game.
“GRAY” is an smut game and contains nudism and sexual scenes. But this game won’t be based on it.
Anyway, i’ll try to add many fetishes for you guys.

For now, i’m thinking аbout:
anal, vaginal porn
hardcore (it will be a surprice for you)

I am trying to create a story full of absurd situations, so don’t try to see something serious here. Heh, maybe only sometimes.
And I really hope that it will result in something BIG. Sure, with your help.
If i see that you like this game I will invest more time in development of “GRAY”. And i won’t start any other projects, until i finish this one.

Main development platform for now is Windows. But i want to port GRAY on MAC, and maybe, just maybe, on android someday.