Mip – Bell Master – V. 0.11.1 – Mind control

Mip - Bell Master - V. 0.11.1 - Mind controlMip - Bell Master - V. 0.11.1 - Mind controlMip - Bell Master - V. 0.11.1 - Mind controlMip - Bell Master - V. 0.11.1 - Mind controlMip - Bell Master - V. 0.11.1 - Mind controlMip - Bell Master - V. 0.11.1 - Mind controlMip - Bell Master - V. 0.11.1 - Mind control


Studio: Mip
Tags: mip, 2dcg, mind control, corruption, training, male protagonist, oral porn, groping, voyeurism,
Censorship: No
Language: English
Version: 0.11.1
OS: Win/Mac/Linux
Size: In Download.
Bell Master is a game about a man using Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning to train his bitchy wife into a submissive slut. It features sexual training, corruption, and misunderstood psychology.
Art commissioned from Sowilo, Chris Bryer and BDOne.​
Hints and tips:
– Actions can behave differently in different situations. Is the wife dressed or not? Aroused or not? Devoted enough? Try out different combinations to see what works.
– Some actions are only available at certain times. You can only work during the day. You can only go online shopping at noon.
– Remember to exercise.
– You can grind your way through the game. But you don’t have to. Every stage has enough unique actions to progress to the next (some may not be implemented yet).
– Not all stats are visible.
– Cheating may cause events to be out of order.
Bugfix: talk option locking up under very specific conditions.
Typos fixed in talk option.
Player can now delete save files.
Restored game icon on Android.
New morning Release date – the hike.
New clothes – hike pants and shirt, nipple clamps, cat ears, and two purchasable collars.
Purchasable vibrating panties with related order, and noon action.
Devotion mini events – short dialogues when you level up devotion.
Outfit saving system.
Doubled save slots.
Bell sound when clicking the bell, and related mute button.
Minor game end preparation event that triggers on day 30.
Sexuality stat now goes up to 11. Many existing actions have been rebalanced and redistributed as a result.
Café Release date images improved.
Massive UI overhaul across every screen in the game.
Rewrites and typo fixes across the game.
Bug fix: running the butt plugs twice caused them to disappear.
Bug fix: blindfold now works for both poses.
Bugfix: random bj events (morning bj and holiday gift) no longer missing most bj options.
Orgasm Strength training events for levels 1 and 2.
New Released: the fancy dinner.
2 new animated tease options (unlocked after learning to train orgasm strength).
New action – text: Available when the wife is at work.
New order – be ready: Available after finishing all arousal training, reversible.
Main menu redesigned and credits page added.
Training orgasm strength now depends on having stress and arousal trained.
Minor rewrites and various bug fixes.
If the game fails to run on mac, Go to the terminal and type:
chmod +x (location of game) /BellMaster_0.9.0_Mac.app/Contents/MacOS/BellMaster_0.9.0_mac