DragaX Bandits Assault Ver. 0.4 – Lesbian

DragaX Bandits Assault Ver. 0.4 - LesbianDragaX Bandits Assault Ver. 0.4 - LesbianDragaX Bandits Assault Ver. 0.4 - LesbianDragaX Bandits Assault Ver. 0.4 - LesbianDragaX Bandits Assault Ver. 0.4 - Lesbian


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I’m planning to add a lot of different choices and endings depending on the way you are going. I want to give you as much freedom as possible.

I’m using 3D[/url] Custom girls for the H-Scenes.

There are 3 Personal stats that you can influence and that will change how your character or other NPCs will react to certain situations.

A high naughtiness score gives you smut related advantages (for example seducing someone or doing something naughty) but if your naughtiness isn’t high enough she won’t do such things.
To increase it you need to have porn, peek at someone or say something adult related.

How submissive you are depends on the things you say and you do. But to really increase it you need someone who dominates you or forces you to do submissive acts. If you don’t want her to be submissive you should avoid such things.

People might treat you different depending on your reputation, a bad reputation unlocks more evil things to do and a good reputation does the contrary. Important choices that are considered evil are marked red and choices that are considered good are marked blue.

The porn themes in this game[/url] are mixed.

The final Game might contain the following porn fetishes: Straight, lesbian[/url],
threesome[/url], gangbang, Dom/Sub, slavery, bondage[/url], bdsm, tentacle monster[/url], corruption, bestiality, hardcore, transformation, pregnancy and some others.

Don’t worry if you dislike some of the above fetishes, most of the time you can choose in what directions you want to go and what you want to do. You can even play the game without seeing a single H-scene (but this would be boring wouldn’t it?)