Brickdoorway – The eWardrobe [v.0.5.90(c)] (2018) (Eng) [HTML] –

Year of Date: 2018
Genre: male-to-female transformation, mental changes, involuntary, bimbo
Censor: None
Platform: PC / Windows / MacOS / Linux
Type of publication: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: v.0.5.90 (c)
Game language: Eng
Interface Language: Eng
Voice Language: English

The eWardrobe is set it in the near future, where pretty much everything is the same except most modern homes have a cloud-based electronic closet, which allows them to manage a huge clothing library. You play as the job-hunting Danny Jones, a young man who’s spending the summer at his aunty’s cottage in a new town. Danny didn’t bring any clothing him, and his aunty’s eWardrobe thinks he’s Sasha, his “partygirl” cousin.
The eWardrobe is currently in its alpha stage, with a few deep storylines and choices that are both cosmetic and plot-changing.
It is free to download, but please do not play unless you’re old enough to use erotic entertainment.

Hi everyone,
Here’s the next update! The current file is The eWardrobe 0.5.9(c).
Reminder: If you are getting an error about “emailprotected” then try either redownloading the file with a different browser or playing in a different browser. We’ve identified this as a user-side bug and not one we can prevent on our end.
I tried to do a lot with this update. Hopefully it shows! Week 7’s Saturday and Sunday are both here with a good chuck of variety between them.
There’s a