Archast – Five Days v..43 – Corruption

Archast - Five Days v..43 - CorruptionArchast - Five Days v..43 - CorruptionArchast - Five Days v..43 - CorruptionArchast - Five Days v..43 - Corruption

Guys, I’ve been creating a game for the past months, I have all the scripts done, the engine is ready and the assets are all acquired (as far as I can tell), but I would like to get some feedback on some things before I start to render all the scenes.

The game: The player will follow the story of Marcy, a young woman that has to work in her mommy’s place for a week at a hotel, as the week goes by the player will face options and can end the game as a slut or a saint and anything in between, and as this is a adult game expect adult on it.

So here comes the FAQ:

Why Unity for 2D: So I can export to any platform, and I already have knowledge of the engine (have made games before), because it’s far more optimized than rpgmaker, and because it’s free.

Why 3D models: Because I can’t draw, and don’t want to rely on other people to do my job, as I’m a 3D amateur artist, I can compose, set materials, model and render my own scenes on my own, I use some models from daz to speed things up, but everything is done in 3rd party software.
– Boss bathroom scene now has renders (that changes according to your outfit).
– New NPC with scenes. (Margareth, 3rd room, 2nd floor).
– You can run with SHIFT!
– New UI.
– Now you can’t access the other floors during the first night.

Plans for the next version:
– Save/Load system
– Start menu
– Music/Sounds(?)
– Add flavor texts with the npcs.
– 2 more NPCs (1st and 2nd room).

Known “bugs”:
– Margareth portrait positioning, I’ll work on it soon enough.
– Blank portraits.