An Aika-X – Trap Quest Release 10 3.0 – Transformation

An Aika-X - Trap Quest Release 10 3.0 - TransformationAn Aika-X - Trap Quest Release 10 3.0 - Transformation

Genre: Inform game, Traps, Porn, Pregnancy, All XXX
Censorship: None
Publisher: Aika
Version: 3.0 Released 10
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: Eng

Explore a dangerous world of transformation, penetration and bimbofication. 18+ only!​

Aika: [Newest Nympho GUI] Buttons appear as dropdown menus rather than always visible, for a bit less lag and a lot less clutter.
Aika: When you’ve enabled hyperlinks for yes/no options (and have the map window open), you can now also press ‘Y’ or ‘N’.
MG: A lot of stuff related to the vampiress:
If she’s in the right mood, she might be willing to have a conversation with players she hasn’t turned into vampire spawn.
If she goes long enough without feeding on the player’s sexual fluids, she’ll slowly get weaker until she disappears for good.
If she’s hungry enough, the vampiress will sometimes go for vaginal adult. She can’t get you pregnant or turn you into a vampire this way,
so she never bothers to pull out.
She can no longer remove plugs, dildos or gags without a direct invitation from the player.
MG: Wooden dildo item that allows the player to remove the otherwise permanent vampire fangs.
Using this dildo to masturbate is possible, but ineffective
Wearing a wooden dildo can also hide you from the gargoyle
MG: When the gargoyle wakes up, she will now give some indication of whatever it is that either caused her to notice the player or caused her to become aggressive
MG: If a patron shows up during your “game” with the wrestler and joins in, you’re now guaranteed to get a ruby jewelery out of it
Refresher: If you suggest your mouth to a friendly wrestler, she’ll offer to reciprocate and bet on who finishes first.
MG: Souls are now physical objects, called soul gems! If a demoness steals your soul and you’re able to defeat her, you can take the soul gem to the witch to have it returned to your body
MG: Demonesses who hold onto soul gems for long enough become “greater demonesses”, which are much more difficult to deal with.
MG: If you offer your chest to a demoness, you can now willingly offer up your soul for extraction
MG: Players without souls no longer wake up the gargoyle or attract ghosts in the mansion
If you attack them, they make an exception to this rule.
Aika: [Lactation] If you have enough milk in your breasts to create an extra large can, that will progress the cow ears quest even if your breasts weren’t completely full.
Also I reduced the humiliation rating of the cowbell; it was a bit harsh.
Aika: Potions, tinctures, elixirs etc. are now listed in the ‘loot’ section of the inventory.
Aika: With the hole in wall ‘trap’, when you get fucked by a group of men, the final guy is extremely well hung and has more stamina.
Aika: The four dips with a champagne glass you need to make to summon the waitress bunny ears only count up when you are not wearing any other headgear.
Aika: Icarus no longer gives out Christmas gifts when Christmas content is disabled. Instead he gives out electric fans 45% of the time, smoke bombs 45% of the time, and pure diamond (super valuable) jewellery 10% of the time. So maybe it really is worth saying yes…
Aika: Maid headdress won’t uncurse while you’re wielding a broken pink spray bottle.
Aika: Most matching colours now require you to be wearing three of the same colour in order to prevent transformation, rather than two.
Aika: [Newest Nympho] Dark mode for non-donators with the new GUI now correctly uses the icons with inverted colours.
Aika: [Diapers] Examining your addictions now also includes information about your incontinence level.
MG: Updated the flavour that triggers when the player loses their virginity
MG: If the mechanic takes your vaginal virginity, he has a chance of transforming into Xavier on the spot(or “in” the spot, depending on your
point of view)
MG: [Watersports] You can now pee directly into the “parched” pedestals in the private library
MG: Begging has a chance of shortening porn with monsters that are otherwise unaffected by begging, like the dominatrix or the demoness
MG: Fixed a bug where the demon broadsword would always transform upon being removed from the stone
MG: Fixed a bug where robobellboys were far too eager to outfit the player with trainee items
MG: Fixed an issue where the mechanic could transform into the demon lord, but the game wouldn’t say anything about it
MG: Fixed a bug where ritual beads couldn’t be “redeemed” with the dark altar
MG: [Mythical Creature Fetish] Fixed a bug where the hellhound’s orgasm sometimes wouldn’t count for the purposes of quests