Akabur - Princess Trainer Gold Edition [v.2.03 Eng] (2018) (Eng) Visual Novel

Akabur - Princess Trainer Gold Edition [v.2.03 Eng] (2018) (Eng) - Visual NovelAkabur - Princess Trainer Gold Edition [v.2.03 Eng] (2018) (Eng) - Visual NovelAkabur - Princess Trainer Gold Edition [v.2.03 Eng] (2018) (Eng) - Visual NovelAkabur - Princess Trainer Gold Edition [v.2.03 Eng] (2018) (Eng) - Visual NovelAkabur - Princess Trainer Gold Edition [v.2.03 Eng] (2018) (Eng) - Visual NovelAkabur - Princess Trainer Gold Edition [v.2.03 Eng] (2018) (Eng) - Visual Novel


Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: Gameplay, Adv, Visual Novel, Miscellaneous, XXX Content
Censor: None
Platform: Windows / Android
Publication Type: Piratka (unofficial)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: v.2.03 English
Language of game: English
Language: Eng

Golden Version of the game from Akabur (Translated and strongly augmented.):

The evil Jafar is now Sultan of Agraba. He gives to the upbringing of the old man (who does not remember anything) to Princess Jasmine to make her a “worthy” wife … Who is this old man and what will become of Jasmine ?! 20 interesting quests, “every” quest reveals something new. New and old characters. All this in a new, golden version of the game from Akabur.

Extras. information:
All in Russian, a full literary translation of the game.
Fixed several minor errors (the passage did not affect).
Optimized game size (compressed sound and graphics) nothing is cut.

It has action, and it contains a little part of my soul. Welcome to my version of Agrabah.

Final Version 2.20
+ Corrected the problem with the color choice for Iris’s dress.
+ Corrected the work of the buttons of the quests of Azalea on the android.
+ I changed from Jasmine in the room for a better understanding of the situation the final values ​​(03/03) to (maximum).
+ Added a cheat on the money.
Do you really need it?
In the afternoon, click a few times on the well in the center of the city map. (the likelihood of triggering 1 to 10).

+ Added a cheat on achievements.
Do you really need it?
On the final day before the wedding, press the well several times. (the likelihood of triggering 1 to 10).

+ Added the “Reset Achievements” button in the “Bonus” menu of the main game menu (the button only appears when the achievements are fully collected and the game is completed before the end).
+ Added to the room Jasmine new adult part (when passed all the rest) where all together fruit-masturbation-blowjob-adult.
+ Added to the secret ending of alternative to Akaburov “open end” his “final game final.”
+ Added a nostalgic walk around the city on the final day before the wedding, rare in quality art / pictures from fans (such as memories).
+ Added a new page to the CG gallery with artami / pictures added to this version of the game (will open after passing these moments in the game).

Gold Version 2.15
+ Added to BP as Jasmine learned, name change.
+ Corrected in the responses after work the first line of the text, so that the costumes were always right.
+ Corrected the picture when blowjob Jasmine, so as not to appear from where it is not clear ..
+ A little redraw Jasmine when she is only in a cloak after and during the 20 quest.
+ Corrected answers Jasmine when she comes back with you after work on selling fruit (quest 20) made a correct answer.
+ Restored a closed dialogue with Acabur, when Iris in the costume of the cleaning woman, for this, draw a picture where the cloak is closed completely.
+ Added to the dialogue Lily (when looking for bells) getting from her book instructions for teaching whores (and a hint in thinking that you need to ask her).
+ Changed development points with a hard choice of gin in +1 for a random from +1 to +3
+ At the end of the day corrected the sequence of coming home (so that the quest with drunk Lola did not stop Iris from bringing development points)
+ Added Lola with blowjob in the room, at the time of the first training.
+ Recovered two costumes without animation, made a turn to pass, first they, then (if all quests and bought) dress with animation or naked.
+ Changed the prizes for ACHIEVEMENT 08 and ACHIEVEMENT 14 for the correct operation of added wedding dresses.
+ Corrected (… on the dish, Lesson.1) so that you can choose them only when the brothel is already working!
+ Corrected (Humility and obedience, Lesson 3) in the square, made it work only if Jasmine had already worked in a brothel for at least once.
+ Restored dialogs of crocus from the previous version (through the selection depending on …).
+ Added the option of choosing for Iris costumes at once three colors and choosing the desired one afterwards by using it.
+ Added two lessons to the group “Beauty Day” with a walk Lola and Jasmine around the city, one’s own, the second from the first part.
+ Added three lessons by making a group “Show and tell” from the first part with a walk around the city and a breast show.
+ Added a third lesson to the group “Make Good” with Jasmine’s walk in the poorer quarter, the lesson from the first part. And the answer is immediately after Crocus.